SoapUI is one the most famous Web Service testing tool in today's scenario. For all GUI Testing we have several environments. Similarly we have multiple environments for Web Service Testing.

Parametrize the environment is most important and could be first task in automation testing.  For that a more common scenario in a complex service environment is the need to change the endpoint of some of the services involved in your tests, for example between test, dev and staging environments.

Manually changing endpoints is of course possible but far too tedious when there might be hundreds of request test steps involved, and using the command-line host override option does not allow you to change a single service endpoint if you have multiple ones in use.

Changing the endpoint manually will take lot of time for more number of test cases. To overcome this issue SoapUI has the option called properties. 

Properties to the rescue;

1.  Define a project property holding the endpoint:

SoapUI Project

2.  Configure the endpoint to use this property via property-expansion

SoapUI add endpoint
3. Make sure your requests are using the configured endpoint

configure endpoint

4. Now when you run the request, the property will automatically be replaced with its current value. To use a different value just change the endpoint in the UI, or from the command-line you can use the -P option;

which would use the endpoint instead (entirely fictional).

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