Nunchuk Supreme


Nunchuk Supreme is a powerful weapon that can be used to disable an unlimited number of assailants. To graduate from the Mangan Kung Fu Academy, one has to master the use of the Nunchuk Supreme. Think of it as a very long stick. 

The Nunchuk is thrown at the assailants and rotates in the air as it is thrown. It will strike an assailant, disable him/her and then using this person as a pivot, rotate about them and strike a second person and then rotate about the second person until it strikes a third person and rotates about them and so on until all of the assailants have been dealt with. Being disabled from fighting does not prevent being struck again by the Nunchuk and causing a change in the pivot of rotation. 

Think of assailants as fixed points in the plane; is it always possible to choose a first assailant to strike, so that if no three assailants are collinear and the Nunchuck is long enough, then all assailants will be struck down?