The gold chain

The Gold Chain - Puzzle :

         A woman wants to buy a painting at an auction where you bid grams of gold instead of money.  She owns a gold chain made of 23 interlocking loops, each weighing 1 gram.  She wants to go to a jeweler before the auction to cut the minimum number of loops that would allow her to pay any sum from 1 to 23.  For example, she could pay a 13 gram price with a 12 link chain and a single link.  After much thought, she figures out a way to do it by cutting just 2 of the loops in the chain.  How many loops are in the pieces of chains that she has after the 2 cuts?

Answer : 

Make a cut in 4 th and loops of the Gold chain so you can get pieces of 1,1,3,6 and 12. from this you can weights from 1 to 23 grams.