Image puzzles with answers

In these types of puzzles, a word is behind on the image. We need to find out the word from the image given. The images are not difficult but the images symbolically represent the words behind it.  Generally these types of puzzles are asked in general puzzle competitions.  But now few IT companies also asked these questions in their written test. 


 From the above image we can easily read that “hi way pass” surrounded by red line. But the answer is “highway overpass” because the word “hiway” is above the word “pass” so make these two words to form the phrase “highway overpass”. Similarly try to answer the following images.

Image puzzles:






Answers :

     1 .  a) painless operation        b)  Excuse me     c) play in the yard    
     2.   a) Life after death           b) crossbox          c) partly cloud
     3.   a) An after though           b) I'll be there in a minite          c) Tom apart
     4.   a) One way or the other   b) Too big too ignore             c) Easy on the eyes
     5.   a) hitting below the belt     b) Lie in wait                       c) search high and low

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